Knife Party & Tom Morello's 'Battle Sirens' Gets Twonky Brillz Makeover: Exclusive

Drew Ressler
Knife Party

Tom Morello is such a sick guitarist. He makes the sickest solos look easy, and sometimes, he does them with his mouth. As soon as he touches an axe, he lights up a room, which is exactly what a DJ is supposed to do. No wonder he was tapped by Knife Party for “Battle Sirens.” Then the time came for an official remix, and Knife Party sought another character with enough energy to match Morello's vicious sting.

Listen to Knife Party & Tom Morello's 'Battle Sirens' Collab Now

"We had Brillz playing on our show in Dallas and he tore up the dance floor,” Knife Party says. “We knew we wanted to work with him in some capacity, and we needed a remix for 'Battle Sirens,' so thought it would be just the match – and it is."

The result is brash and bassy with tons of stomping drums and plenty of room for Morello to shine. If this doesn't make you want to get on the war path, nothing will.