Noisia's 'Mantra' Video Shares the Heartbreaking Story of Real Refugees: Watch

Noisia, "Mantra"
Courtesy Photo

Noisia, "Mantra"

There's a full-blown refugee crisis on our hands, and it's not just any one nation or people's problem. More than one million refugees crossed into Europe in 2015 alone, according to BBC News, many of them carried over rough waters by floppy, inflatable rafts. If they even survive the trip, they are usually homeless, jobless, and often the target of hatred or arrest.

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It's important to see these refugees for what they are: human beings. Noisia's music video for “Mantra,” off the trio's latest album Outer Edges, tries to humanize the refugee tale for viewers around the world. Directed by Sil van der Woerd, the clip features real refugees from Afghanistan, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and Syria. According to the director's notes, some of these refugees spent a week in open water without enough supplies.

It's a heart-wrenching video that finds compelling beauty in the obscene. Those who are moved to donate to the crisis efforts are asked to make donations to The Red Cross.