Twenty One Pilots Songs Remixed: Listen to 6 of the Best

Twenty One Pilots photographed in 2015.
Jabari Jacobs

Twenty One Pilots photographed in 2015.

Twenty One Pilots seemingly always have a track on the charts. Whether it's one of the radio-ready songs off their standout album Blurryface or their most recent hit off the Suicide Squad soundtrack, "Heathens," these two know how to deliver a hit. All the while, nearly no two songs sound alike as they illustrate the duo's genre-bending abilities as frequently as possible. 

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The fact they stay in no one lane makes them an ideal inspiration for producers and DJs since a remix can then explore the same freedoms. Here’s a list of the best Twenty One Pilots songs remixed for your listening pleasure.

#1 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: “Car Radio” (Kourage & Fuego)

Staying true to the original, this remix starts off slow here before picking up in pace and intensity by the time the chorus hits. Heavy synths fit well with somewhat steady drumbeats, resulting in a track made for easy listening. 

#2 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: "Ride" (Jaydon Lewis)

This earworm rework layers various elements and sounds above and beneath Twenty One Pilots' original song's reggae-influenced lyrics.

#3 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: "Heathens" (Disto)

Twenty One Pilots' most recent hit song gets the star treatment here, taking listeners on a journey through various sonic landscapes.

#4 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: "Tear In My Hear" (SoySauce)

This song's remix doesn't lay it on too heavily, offering supplemental light production that doesn't distract from the original. (Some have also reported Twenty One Pilots have actually performed this version live).

#5 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: "Stressed Out" (Tomsize)

This colorful production is light and airy, delivering a more upbeat backing to the original hit song. 

#6 Twenty One Pilots Song Remix: "Ride" (WeAreTreo)

In contrast to the previous "Ride" remix, this rework plays up the original song's reggae influences by incorporating island-inspired beats that deliver a lingering sense of summer.