Justin Timberlake Songs Remixed: Listen to 7 of the Best

Justin Timberlake
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Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids

After riding the wave of his 2013 album, The 20/20 Experience, and wrapping up his tour last year, Justin Timberlake hasn't slowed down much. It's been almost three years since his last album and though he's teased fans with hit song "Can't Stop the Feeling!" and a tour documentary this November, a full length LP is what the fans really want. But when will he gift new music to the world? 

Listen to the 9 Best Remixes of Justin Timberlake's Hit Song "Can't Stop the Feeling"

Like many artists, Justin Timberlake's songs have fell into the hands of a slew of electronic producers, giving Timberlake's collection of songs a alternative sound different from the "Mirrors" singer's frequent collaborators Timbaland and Pharrell's signature style.

Here's a list of the best Justin Timberlake songs remixed for your listening pleasure. 

"Suit & Tie" (Dillon Francis Remix) 

JT's bedroom banger transforms via a trap-tinged beat, uptempo bass and distorted vocals. 


"Lovestoned" (Tiesto Remix) 

Dutch veteran Tiesto's rework brings an undeniable energy to the futuristic Justin Timberlake song.


"Sexyback" (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) 

Keeping remnants of the original intact, Pittsburgh-native Mr FijiWiji warps JT's melodic vocals over a trippy dance beat. 

"Holy Grail" (Adieu Remix) 

The Jay Z-assisted track meets with grand orchestral production and subtle loops here. 


"Mirrors" (Rocky Wellstack) 

This grimy trap remix of Justin Timberlake's love song sports prominent synthesizers and kick drums


"Cry Me A River" (Deficio Remix) 

JT has always been at home with hip-hop, collaborating with artists like T.I and Jay Z. This trapped out version of the hit Justin Timberlake song fuses glitch-y synthesizers with the singer's signature style.  

"Can't Stop The Feeling!" (Guardate)

Spacious and airy, this infectious remix makes for the perfect summer tune to warm your ears up as winter quickly approaches.