Blawan to Unleash Six Experimental Techno Songs Under Kilner Alias

Imagine you're watching a suspense thriller. Those moments just before the hero discovers the true meaning of the horror, those furtive minutes full of rapid speech and tense gestures as the character's breath quickens, there's always some brooding noise in the background. The beat is steady, the bass is eerie. That's what Walk Type portends to sound like, the new 6-track EP from Kilner, who some avid techno fans may recognize as Blawan.

Blawan to Release New 'Communicat 1022' EP in 'a Few Weeks'

The UK producer relishes in the mechanical and has referred to this release as a "little bit more twisted." Walk Type is an avid exploration of the industrial, much of its noise came from corroded drones and a lot of pitch play. It's not destined to rip through any dance floors, but if you're looking for a bit of mood music, maybe something to help you get into the Halloween spirit, it doesn't get any cooler than this.

Walk Type will be released as a double EP on Avian Records, Nov. 28. Blawan will premiere the Kilner project live on at a Boiler Room Showcase later this month, Oct. 26.

1. Sunsera 
2. Filk 
3. Insa 
4. Otto Morph 
5. Auto Wave 
6. Tamtara