Zeds Dead Talk 'Northern Lights' Debut LP, World Tour & Deadbeats Record Label

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Zeds Dead perform on July 9, 2015.

Billboard Dance editor Matt Medved yesterday (Oct. 6) sat down with Zeds Dead a week before their debut album Northern Lights hits digital shelves on Oct. 14. It's more than likely that any fans who've seen the duo on tour recently have already heard some new cuts.

“This has been the best tour so far,” says Zeds Dead's Hooks (born Zachary Rapp-Rovan). “The crowds have been amazing, and to be able to play this music that we've been working on for so long and see the reactions is great.”

The guys also unload a ton of new production on audiences. The Toronto artists collaborated with Strange Loop – the same company behind Flying Lotus' awe-inspiring visuals – to create a “psychedelic, abstract” accompaniment perfect for the Northern Lights concept.

As far as the album is concerned, fans can expect a lot of dope features. Pusha T and Rivers Cuomo both appear on the duo's next single.

“It's worlds colliding,” Rapp-Rovan says. “We've always been big fans of Weezer, and we got the opportunity to meet [Cuomo] and played him some stuff. He wrote the hook for the song. We hit up Pusha T, and the song just came together perfectly. Pretty proud of that one.”

The group is also pumped on the recent launch of its Dead Beats label. Look out for an incoming compilation that features many of Toronto's hottest up-and-comers along with whatever else Zeds Dead thinks its fans might enjoy.

“It's just an expansion of the Zeds Dead world really,” says Zeds Dead's DC (born Dyan Mamid). “Zach does graffiti, so we want to expand that. We've known a lot of good producers and artists over the years, and this is a way we can work with them more and support them, just have a bigger total community.”

Check the full interview below.

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