Darude Gets Heckled For Omitting 'Sandstorm' at TwitchCon, Says He Played Remix: Watch

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Darude creates party hits. People dance, laugh, smile and go all-out during his sets - unless he doesn’t play his 2000 smash “Sandstorm,” which is what some attendees thought happened at San Diego’s TwitchCon on Saturday night (Oct. 1).

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While Darude threw down his other popular singles “Feel The Beat” and “Next To You,” the crowd of festival-goers turned hostile when they began to boo and heckle the Finnish producer for not playing “Sandstorm.” He was able to finish his set and even played an encore the next day where he (wisely) played the hit.

However, Darude tells Billboard Dance that he played a remix of his best-known hit, and the tape tells the full story.

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"I think the fan video I shared of me playing Sandstorm speaks for itself, but here's some clarification: I played a fully recognizable remix of Sandstorm (+ a little Angry Birds theme flavor added for taste), which is 100% the same composition, 75% same original instrumentation," he says in an emailed statement. "My goal is to create something new rather than just pressing play on the same old 1999 original mix."

See below for a fan video from the end of his TwitchCon set and Darude's Facebook post.