Skrillex Talks New Music and Defending Marshmello From deadmau5: 'Stop Being a F--king Bully'

Jason Nocito

Skrillex recently opened up to Complex in a new interview about that whole deadmau5 Twitter bully beef.

“The only time I really got upset [with deadmau5] was when he started taking stabs at Marshmello, acting like such a fucking bully … Marshmello is this young kid who looks up to deadmau5, and the first tweet he gets from deadmau5 is talking shit about him. That’s when I had to stand up and be like, ‘Stop being a fucking bully to people.’”

Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 an 'Asshole,' Twitter Rant Follows

Complex and Skrillex also discussed five years of OWSLA and winning with Justin Bieber, but it's the promise of forthcoming work with Bruno Mars that has the producer excited for tomorrow.

“I’m joining him for his album. Who knows if I’ll do something that’s more of a Skrillex thing with him, but he has a vision for his album, and I’m helping him produce it on some of the songs … It’s incredible. He’s my favorite songwriter to work with, and he’s the most fun guy to be in the studio with.”

He also recorded a song called “Chillin'” with Kehlani and Rihanna's “Bitch Better Have My Money” co-writer Bibi Bourelly. No word on when fans can expect that to drop.

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The weirdest takeaway? Definitely his gift from Jared Leto.

We’ve heard the stories: In preparation for Leto’s turn as the Joker, the method actor committed to his character’s clownish sadism in real life,mailing live rats to co-star Margot Robbie. Then, while on the set of the “Purple Lamborghini” video, the actor awarded Skrillex with “the biggest dildo” he had ever seen “and a bunch of weird shit in a box,” Skrillex recalls. “I was just like, ‘Thank you.’”

Read the full interview on Complex.