Listen to Galantis & Hook N Sling's Feel-Good Single 'Love On Me'

Jimmy Fontaine
Galantic photographed in 2016.

Ever since Hook N Sling remixed “Gold Dust,” there's been serious talk of a full-on Galantis collab. Talk is cheap, but work is worth its weight in gold, and in the case of “Love On Me,” that gold comes in the form of egg-yellow sunshine and big pink cartoon hearts.

Steel drums, girlish vocals, and a non-stop disco groove make this jam sweeter than strawberries. It's an instant favorite that's got us wondering, when can we hear more?

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“We fell in love with the idea of creating something really eclectic and soulful by starting with recording a full orchestra,” Galantis says on the Soundcloud release. “Then we put everything we got out of that session into a no-holds- barred-blender and 'Love On Me' was born. It has grown into a very special song for us and, we are super hyped-up to share it with the world.”