BlackGummy Explores Destruction's Evolutionary Side on mau5trap EP 'Impactor:' Exclusive

Cover art for "Impactor" by BlackGummy.
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Cover art for "Impactor" by BlackGummy.

BlackGummy might be one of the headiest technophiles on the dance scene today. His whole thematic scheme is based around a black bear idol that, as the story goes, he discovered in 2013 on a trip through the Middle East and Asia. He never separates from the idol, neither when holed up for 15 hour sessions in the studio nor when he takes to the stage.

His own musical productions are said to be an attempt to give the idol a voice, and it sounds like that little bugger has some intense things on his mind. On his latest EP Impactor, the Los Angeles-based producer takes on the KT Extinction. You remember it as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and ultimately three-quarters of the Earth's living beings.

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“The asteroid caused a lot of death and destruction, but it also lead to evolution by the species that managed to survive,” he says. “It wasn’t just the asteroid that killed them, but also the effect the impact had on the Earths' atmosphere, creating a condition which only specific species could survive.”

BlackGummy looks at the KT Extinction and sees a lot of parallels to the modern dance scene.

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“Instead of it being an asteroid that caused the massive change, it’s technological advancement in the production of music,” he says. “With DAW’s and computers being more powerful than ever and VSTs that have been and are still being created for so many different functions, doors are being opened to the creation of music and sounds like we’ve never heard. Like the increase in evolution after the KT event, innovation in dance music has spurred because of this external force."

Impactor will make a landing on mau5trap Friday, Sept. 30, but you can listen to its four tracks of slow-encompassing darkness today.