Janelle Kroll Turns Emotional Dependence Into Power on 'Outsider' EP: Exclusive

Ennis Chung
Janelle Kroll

Janelle Kroll is singing your heart out. The New York City-based singer/songwriter is on to something good with her five-track EP Outsider. Dance fans may recognize her from Autograf's “Metaphysical,” Moon Boots' “Utopia,” or Dennis Ferrer's “Mind Ur Step,” but she sounds her best when she's going solo.

She coined the term “dependent music” to describe her sound, joking in an emailed statement that she sings about “emotional dependencies.” Her sultry, vulnerable vocals will immediately strike a chord with any Banks fan. Playful production balances and brightens the mood as Kroll explores the innermost workings of emotional struggle.

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The EP opens strong with a catchy, twisted tropical hook on “FVR,” and “24 hrs” keeps the vibe moving strong with '80s yacht rock-esque synth melodies. Title track “Outsider” turns the mood slow and sexy under Kroll's powerful voice. “Balcony Song” is a definite favorite with playful arpeggios and echoing drums before she evokes the spirit of Prince's softer moments on closer “Looose” featuring morgxn.

All in all, it's a really strong EP. All killer no filler in this lady's arsenal. Outsider is out Friday, Sept. 30, but you can sneak a peak at the whole damn thing exclusively on Billboard.