Cheat Codes Joins Young Thug, Fetty Wap on 300 Entertainment Roster

Cheat Codes
Evan Tetreault

Cheat Codes

It can be hard for a hip-hop label to break into the pop world, but 300 Entertainment just got the Cheat Codes.

Yup, one of dance-pop's biggest independent steam rollers rolled over and signed a contract, but it's not with just anyone. It's with the guys at 300 Entertainment, which means they join the ranks of Fetty Wap, Young Thug and Migos. It's all part of the label's effort to reach into other markets, which isn't that far-fetched considering the pop appeal of many of its existing signees.

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"We started this company based on a theory that there was an opportunity for something in between a major label and a typical indie,” says 300 Entertainment co-founder and CEO Lyor Cohen, the former Warner Music Group recorded music chief. “We are fortunate to have had success with artists in urban and rock genres, but we also have been looking to set our sites on the broader pop market. Now, we have the opportunity to work with Cheat Codes -- the biggest independent/unsigned artist in dance/pop music globally. This is so exciting for us at 300, as we continue to expand our base to include all styles of artists, so we can help them to fulfill their dreams."

"Cheat Codes together with their amazing team have created a meaningful brand in the pop/dance music space," continues 300 Entertainment co-founder Roger Gold. "In a very short period of time they have amassed a significant global fanbase and are regularly one of the top 30 artists on Spotify. Their last two singles "Sex" and "Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)" have streamed over 300 million and 100 million streams, respectively, and growing fast. We admire their talent and musical point of view greatly and the business they have built. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them and their incredible team worldwide." 

It's easy to see why 300 Entertainment would see Cheat Codes as an asset, but it was a move the musical group had to give a lot of thought. They would only sign with a label if they felt a complete synergy of vision and respect, and 300 Entertainment has proven itself to be that extended family.

“When we met with 300, it immediately felt different,” says Cheat Codes' Trevor Dahl. “We all have the same vision, which is what we were waiting for. We are beyond stoked to have started a partnership with them and can't wait to see it grow.”

The trio gains a lot of opportunity with the venture, a chance to work with new collaborators as well as the guidance of 300 Entertainment's dedicated and knowledgeable team, so that the Los Angeles trio can expand its own sonic palette.

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"This is the next chapter of Cheat Codes,” says the group's Kevin Ford. “This is the future of our music. I'm excited to be partnering with people like Lyor, Roger, Pete, Todd, Kevin and the rest of the team at 300 who share the same vision and mindset as us, and who understand where the future of music and the business is going. I can't wait for the fans to hear this new music we've been working so hard on.”