Flume Debuts 'Heater' in Promo Clip for Australian 'Lockout Law' Protest

Cybele Malinowski

Musicians and nightlife aficionados in Sydney, Australia, will take to the streets Oct. 9 in protest of the city's controversial “lockout laws.”

After an 18-year-old was randomly punched on the street and died, the amendments enacted an effective curfew by forcing clubs to cease admission at 1:30 a.m. and stop the sale of alcohol by 3 a.m. Opponents of the law argue it suffocates the city's thriving cultural market and has led to the closure of many bars and venues that once supported Sydney's international influence in the music business.

Sydney Lockout Law Review: City Recommended to Extend Nightlife Hours

A recent hearing resulted in one former judge's recommendation to extend the curfew by at least 30 minutes later in both instances, but those recommendations are not mandatory. The protest planned for Oct. 9 hopes to influence city officials to come to a compromise.

A promotional clip for the protest features local musicians and supporters coming together to remember the clubs and venues closed as a result of the lockout laws. Flume chose the clip as a means to debut his latest single “Heater,” his own form of support. Check it out below, and find more information about the planned protest on Facebook.