Fawks Drops Sexy 'Say You Like It' Feat. Medicienne on Dim Mak's New Noise: Exclusive

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Dim Mak Records dives deep into different sounds with its fresh, free-download imprint New Noise. You've got nothing to lose. Why not try a darker style on for size?

Fawks Premieres Forceful Remix of Brewski's 'Niykee Heaton': Exclusive

Take Los Angeles-native FAWKS' creeping, crunchy single “Say You Like It.” It's heavy on the bass and techy textures, but there's something so decidedly post-dubstep about its filtered synths and minimal drops. Medicienne provides a sexed-up vocals to infuse the nightfall vibes with a healthy dose of lust. Check it out below, and show your support on Spotify or iTunes.