Get Weird With Tchami and Malaa on 'Prophecy:' Listen

Anthony Ghnassia

I'm having a vision. I see bodies dancing in dim yellow light. I see bracelet-covered arms jutting to the ceiling. I see coy glances exchanged through chalky smoke. Yes, it shall come to be, and Tchami and Malaa's collaboration “Prophecy” is the soundtrack.

Hear DJ Snake & Tchami Homie Malaa's Debut EP 'Illicit:' Exclusive

There's an exotic, almost Indian-style flair to the single, out now on Tchami's label Confessions. It's like the dark house beat took a train trip through the Mid-East and backpacked the Silk Road for two incredible, Instagram-worthy months. The best part about it, though, is the strange bass wonk. Hit play and see.