Bob Marley Songs Remixed: Listen to 7 of the Best

Bob Marley
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Bob Marley performs onstage at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago on May 27, 1978. 

A well-mixed blend of high-energy and easy listening tracks.

While it may be hard to imagine the soothing and mellow qualities inherent in Bob Marley's songs reformatted into dance tracks, several DJs and producers have tackled the task to near perfection. The fusion of Marley's loving message paired with uplifting and surging beats results in tracks worth playing again and again.

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Here’s a list of the best Bob Marley songs remixed for your listening pleasure.

#1 Bob Marley Song Remix: Is This Love (Dubmatix)

This horn-heavy track adds new texture to the original, which is further fleshed out with the addition of subtle backbeats that contribute to a more up-tempo pace best suited for swaying to. 

#2 Bob Marley Song Remix: Jammin' (Kungs)

Rather than reconfiguring the original arrangement, this remix builds upon its structure. This version adds in light electronic beats that remain consistent throughout the track, allowing for a laid-back listen that hits the spot. 

#3 Bob Marley Song Remix: Jammin' (Benny Benassi)

Unlike the previous version of this Bob Marley song, this remix amps up the energy and delivers a more climatic track that continues to reach new heights as it plays on. Synth-heavy production kicks in towards the end, keeping the song moving full-speed ahead until the last second. 

#4 Bob Marley Song Remix: Sun Is Shining (Pink Elephant)

Light and playful electronic beats serve as the backbone for this remix, as Marley's vocal line "I'm a rainbow, too" is played on a loop throughout portions of the song. As a whole, this remix floats through varying sonic sections resulting in a track that never grows tired. 

#5 Bob Marley Song Remix: No Woman, No Cry (Synthetic Epiphany) 

This ambient remix doesn't deter from the melody and pace of the original, though it does add haunting electronic production that makes for a down-tempo, trance-inducing track.

#6 Bob Marley Song Remix: Is This Love (Jam Aunni and & Sloth Syndrome) 

While this version starts off somewhat slow, it wastes no time ascending to a sonic peak only to be followed by a series of drops that feature reggae-inspired techno beats. The result is an entirely reimagined version of Bob Marley's original song, save for the interspersed vocals. 

#7 Bob Marley Song Remix: Soul Shakedown Party (Fort Knox Five)

The groovy beat bumps this track to the next level in terms of feel-good vibes. It stays true to Bob Marley's original song, though sprinkles a little more soul into the mix as the sped up tempo better lends itself to a true shakedown party. 


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