Kicks N Licks & Desiree Dawson's 'Sunny Day' Sounds Like Dancing on Sunshine: Exclusive

Trevor Rieks
Kicks N Licks

Jersey Club rhythms and a vocal 'hruh' Rick Ross sample turn up the perfectly pop melodies of California duo Kicks N Licks' “Sunny Day.” There haven't been any official studies, but it might be scientifically impossible to frown while it plays. That's why it's the perfect song to dedicate to your own personal sunshine.

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"Everyone has that special person that is their 'Sunny Day,'” Kicks N Licks says. “Our goal in writing this song was to capture that feeling."

The summer-vibe vocal comes from Canada's CBC Searchlight 2016 winner Desiree Dawson.

"This song really allowed me to be playful and light which is a different vibe then my usual intense style,” Dawson says. “I'm excited that this song is finally going to be out to reach many people who are in need of a little sunshine (or a lot).”

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“As soon as I heard the track I was brought to a moment in time where I was on a road trip with lovely friends, with the sun blazing down, blasting music, and hands out the window,” she continues. “It's nice to be reminded of those care free moments amongst every day life and that's why I love this song so much! Also, I'm proud to admit that it makes a great dance around the house in your underwear song! Overall, super stoked on this release!"

“Sunny Day” hits digital shelves Tuesday, Sept. 20. Listen below: