Getter Explains His 'F--- Local Openers' Comments on Twitter

Courtesy Photo

Producer and DJ Getter took to Twitter on Friday (Sept. 16) to voice his strongly worded opinions on the cost of touring and why having local acts open shows is "potentially ruining the full tour experience."

He goes on to explain why he says "f--- local openers" and lays out -- for those unaware -- how the lack of experience they bring often derails the performances to follow and overall downgrades the show as a whole. He starts the post by saying he wants to explain himself because people were mad over his comments, since they can easily be interpreted as a lack of support for up-and-comers.

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He then brings his thought process full-circle, saying he, too, was once a tour opener, so he "knows the grind." He ends the post on a final -- and probably the most important -- note of all: that ultimately the rules should be respected.

Read the full tweet below.