UK's Stööki Sound Premieres 'ENDZ' Single, Announces Fall N.A. Tour: Exclusive

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UK-based duo Stööki Sound have made their presence known as grimey trap aficionados mixing every conceivable genre with their own proprietary blend of hip hop and heavy bass, but we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg. This week DJ Lukey and Jelacee, who together are Stööki Sound announced the launch of their own record label Ö.N.E Worldwide. Standing for Originality Never Dies, Ö.N.E Worldwide’s first single release is out today from Stööki themselves called ‘ENDZ’ off their upcoming Ösiris EP.

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They’re also announcing the Ösiris US North American tour where fans will get to experience the Stööki Movement firsthand. Of course every interview they’ve ever done includes the obvious and deeply uncool question – what exacly is the Stööki movement? Jelacee has an excellent answer, and he’d better considering how much practice he’s had responding to this question. “The Stööki Movement is made up of three core elements Sound, Vision and Play. They translate into Music, Fashion and Art and we have collaborated with a number of creatives across those fields. There are lots of ways to get involved whether you come to one of our shows or hit us up online. We don’t see a barrier between artists and supporters and it’s important to us that people feel like we are accessible.”

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You can see the elements of the movement in every aspect of how they present themselves, whether in person at their shows or online. The London based duo are sharply dressed, modest when speaking but embody the antithesis of modesty onstage. They’re the nice guys who respond to fans on social media and hang around for pictures and autographs after shows. Sometimes they can also be the rowdy guys jumping into the crowd to start their own mosh-pit. But one of their most distinct qualities, which sets them apart from many of their fellow producer peers, is they like to make their fans think outside the box. Their lead single ‘ENDZ’, premiering exclusively today on Billboard Dance, is listed as trap on Soundcloud but is a far cry from the typical booty-bass, hands-in-the-air you can find listed under that same genre.

“We took a lot of time to mature our sound and increase our knowledge of production,” DJ Lukey explains. “We felt like the ideas we had were good but we could execute them better. This EP is a showcase of our new work as well as the introduction of Jelacee in the vocal game.” You’ll have to wait til the full release coming in the next few months to hear Jelacee’s vocal debut, ‘ENDZ’ is all instrumental including African drums such as the DunDun and LoLo and live guitar recorded by Cobi. It’s a completely reconceptualized take on what has arguably become an extremely formulaic strain of dance music, which is incredibly refreshing.

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In true Stööki fashion we can only see the tip of the Ö.N.E Worldwide iceberg, but in the interview for this story alluded big plans for the label. Beyond the release of their Ösiris EP sometime before the end of the year, they’ve already affiliated with a handful of artists with more releases anticipated for 2017. “We feel like a lot of new producers/artists are exposed to the money/branding side of music and are moving further away from creating what they love and what represents them. We want to help influence people to do what they believe in and strive to be unique,” Jelacee tells Billboard Dance.

Catch Stööki Sound on tour this fall in and watch their socials for updates on the release of their EP. You can expect an innovative blend of UK and US sounds culminating in the ultimate realization of the #StöökiMovement where unfamiliar sounds and imagery are masterfully woven together to create an immersive musical experience.


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