Airplane Man's 'Take Me All The Way Home' Is Electro-Pop Excellence: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
Cover art for "Take Me All The Way Home" by Airplane Man.

The best songs sound fresh but carry a somewhat familiar feel. It's like walking into your childhood home 20 years after you moved out. The bones about it are nostalgic, and yet, it's undeniably different with newness.

That's kind of the vibe we get from Airplane Man's “Take Me All The Way Home.” The duo is a newcomer to the scene, but its coming out swinging. “Take Me All The Way Home” is easy-going and dripping in indie-dance, nu disco bits, but still captures a unique sensibility.

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"Airplane Man evolved out of a desire for a sound we could not find,” the duo says in an emailed statement. “Our mission is to create psychedelic audio visual experiences to awaken the soldiers of peace within all living creatures. We grew up with the Beatles and Pink Floyd, but have a craving for the left-leaning pop-aware electronics of MGMT and Miike Snow."

It's a great follow-up to previously released single “We're On Fire.” Check out both the new single, a Billboard Dance exclusive, and “We're On Fire” below. PS - “Take Me All The Way Home” hits Spotify Friday, Sept. 16. We're just early, as usual.