The Chainsmokers' 10 Best Remixes

The Chainsmokers
Rex Features via AP Images

The Chainsmokers photographed at 102.7 KIIS FM'S Wango Tango on May 14, 2016.

The remix is a special art form. You must maintain the integrity of the original while showing fans a side of the song they've never heard before. It's easy to slap a dance beat under a heartfelt croon, but that can sound cheap -- and Lord knows we are trying to buy cheap and look expensive, honey.

The Chainsmokers' 5 Best Collaborations

The Chainsmokers have been tapped for the occasion more than 30 times. The pair has proven adept at working within another musician's frame of mind, and they've had a lot of hits while doing so. Maybe you discovered an artist you love thanks to one of their magical remakes. If not yet, maybe you will with the list below. Check out The Chainsmokers' 10 best remixes below and read the Billboard cover story on the "Closer" duo here.

10. Banks – “Change”

A little darkness is good for the soul, especially when balanced by a danceable rhythm. Unleash your inner monster on the floor with this one and let your sexy devil side come out to play.

9. Little Daylight – “Overdose”

There's something so playful and coy about this remix's space-synth vibes. The harmonized vocals that melt into a colorful synth line of their own is such a delicious touch.

8. Bebe Rexha – “I Can't Stop Drinking About You”

Firstly, Bebe Rexha's voice is made for glorious EDM anthems. Her sorrowful song sounds somehow powerful over the bleating synths and persistent bass beat. Who needs a shot in a glass when the DJs alone can make everything better?

7. Ellie Goulding – “Goodness Gracious”

The Chainsmokers didn't break their backs writing any new melodic lines of next-level rhythms here, but the way they enhance the natural color of this feel-good anthem is notable in itself. It's like they took a highlighters across all the best parts, turned off the lights, and initiated the coolest Day-Glo party this side of 1989.

6. Say Lou Lou – “Julian”

Say Lou Lou worked off a boiling tension to move this song along, and the Chainsmokers pick up right at the climax . It's a glorious resolution of a remix perfect for dancing your young achy-heart cares away.

5. Josef Salvat “Open Season”

Josef Salvat's original is cool in an aloof, off-hand sort of way. The Chainsmokers capture a bit of that easiness while injecting the beat with a heavy dose of shoulder-jerking swag. This is for models walking the catwalk who know they're hot and don't mind watching you figure it out.

4. A-Trak Feat. Andrew Wyatt – “Push”

When we first heard the original, we thought, “this jam has the funk.” Somehow, the Chainsmokers found room for even more. The edges have been smoothed and the disco has been turned up to 54. Now, where are our roller skates?

3. Chromeo – “Jealous (I Ain't With It)”

It's hard to make Chromeo sound even cooler than they already are, but the Chainsmokers sure did on this pared-down rework. The cool piano chords with the steady bass bring to mind neon blue light shining on sleek, white pants and matching leather shoes. You thinking South Beach? Let's go.

2. Clean Bandit – “Real Love”

This is real, real smooth synthy goodness. The hyperactive pair give Clean Bandit's string-heavy, classic house groove original a boost of future house swing. Those fake horns, that high-pitched chipmunk'ed sample. We can't get enough.

1. Pheonix – “Trying To Be Cool”

The Chainsmokers seem to be incredibly gifted at remixing indie dance rock hits, and this might be the very best example. There's no need to try. This rhythm is simply very cool.