Elephante Wears Heart on His Sleeve for Diverse Debut EP: Exclusive

Koury Angelo


You never forget the first time, whether it's learning to drive, falling in love, or hearing your favorite song. Likewise, first impressions are ever-lasting and oh-so-important. Elephante knows that, and as an independent electronic artist, it was paramount that his debut EP be a strong statement of who he is, what he does, and what he hopes to do.

"I Am The Elephante is about stepping out and taking a stand on who you are and what you love and what you want to do with your life,” the artist says. “It's my first complete statement on who I am as an artist. It's got everything I love about dance music, from the chiller groovy tracks to the bangers to the emotional songs that make you cry alone in your car... I've been putting everything I got into these songs for the last couple years, and I can't wait for everyone to hear this little piece of my heart.”

Elephante Takes Inspiration From 90s Hip-Hop In New Dance Single 'Hold'

At a staggering nine tracks, it's a wonder he didn't go ahead and give it LP status. Then again, I Am The Elephante seems to intentionally buck traditional categorization. It explores a variety of styles and moods to show every facet of the producer's personality, while each track is tied together by the Elephante's clean-but-colorful sensibility.

Single “Closer” is already a hit with tons of plays, as is his well-known original debut “Shake The Earth.” “Hold” featuring Jessica Jarrell and “Sirens” featuring Nevve stand out in the middle, like the rising action in a story reaching climax. I Am The Elephante is crisp, layered, and sure to be a hit with fans. Grab it up on official release Wednesday, Sept. 14, or listen to it now, exclusively on Billboard Dance.