Fusion and NASA Will 'Fly' You to Mars at Miami's III Points Festival 2016

FUSION’s Mars 2030
Courtesy of Fusion

Fusion's Mars 2030.

As Space X continues to experience technical difficulties, your dreams of listening to Daft Punk's “Digital Love” among the stars may still be a few arduous years away. However, you can get lost in the majesty of the London Symphony Orchestra as it performs a moving soundtrack one might hear in a movie about astronauts exploring Mars for the very first time – except that astronaut is you.

Don a helmet and blast off into other dimensions at Mars 2030, the labor of love from Fusion Network and NASA that will transport space cadets to Mars via virtual reality at Miami's III Points Music, Arts, and Technology Festival, Oct. 7 through Oct 9.

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“We are thrilled to showcase FUSION’s Mars 2030 at III Points, enabling people to interact with this innovative experience at a festival that has been breaking boundaries since its inception,” says Daniel Eilemberg, Co-President and Chief Content Officer for FUSION in a press release. “We have been eager to find a way to work with the III Points team since our launch nearly three years ago and what better way to collaborate than transporting audiences to another planet.”

Fusion teamed with NASA to provide the most accurate and realistic Mars experience possible. Participants will don an authentic weighted space suit before, strap on a helmet, and be engulfed by the raw power of the Red Planet and the London Symphony's beautiful chords, as composed by 8-time Grammy Award winner Julio Reyes.

HOPE by Julio Reyes & The London Symphony for Fusion's MARS 2030 at III Points 2016 from III Points on Vimeo.

Fusion will also screen its complimentary Mars 2030 documentary throughout III Points weekend to further educate budding scientific minds and geeks alike on the upcoming NASA mission. The Mars 2030 virtual reality experience will follow its III Points debut with a trip to Sundance Film Festival.

“We've been working for four years to truly merge the three elements of music, art and technology in our festival,” says festival co-founder David Sinopoli in a press release. “This year's Mars 2030 installation really is our best example of all the three points in perfect.”

Outside of missions to Mars, III Points plans to transport attendees to higher levels of musical consciousness with performances from LCD Soundsystem, M83, Thievery Corporation, Dixon, Flying Lotus, and more. Tickets are on sale now.