Nicki Minaj Songs Remixed: Listen to 7 of the Best

Nicki Minaj
Howard Huang

Nicki Minaj

There are so many sides to Nicki Minaj's songs. There's the hard, the fast, the dark, the pop, the wigged out, the psychopathic, and of course, the back side. Every side is beautiful. Every side is startlingly unique. She is venomous on the mic and mad on stage. We love her in all her forms, and who wouldn't?

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She's a chameleon in more ways than one, and her musical style is hard to duplicate, but what about remix? Plenty of rappers hop on her beats and do their best to keep up, but it's the DJs who should really try to get their hands on her. Here we offer up seven of the best Nicki Minaj songs remixed that we've heard so far.

"Hey Mama” - Fever

Afrojack did his own awesome Dutchy remix of David Guetta's original, but there's just something about this hype-ass trap rework that makes us wanna storm a dance floor and turn our bodies into laffy taffy.

"Grand Piano” – Floodmood

Nicki Minaj is a woman of many faces, but her naked and emotional side is perhaps her most raw. This soft and subtle house remix takes the already beautiful ballad into a song just lively enough to dance away your sorrow.

Stupid Hoe” – Yellow Claw

Before the duo signed to Mad Decent, Yellow Claw was a trio hustlin' that bootleg game. This wild-eyed remix is as colorful and quirky as Nicki Minaj herself.

"Moment 4 Life” – Killbeatz

Raves are moments we wish we could capture forever. Why wouldn't you turn Minaj' hit with Drake into a colorful rave anthem? This is for every time you find yourself in the back seat of a topless car, just vibing.

The Night Is Still Young” – ODC

Did somebody request more big room house waves? We've got tons of them right here. Get lost in whatever is left of your adolescence with this one on repeat.

Pound the Alarm” – Alessandro Vinai & Andrea Vinai

The original Nicki Minaj song was already a rather heavy dance music gym jam. This version pumps the energy even higher, like 100 mg of protein-shake and adrenaline straight to the heart.

Starships” – TAITO

“Starships” was Nicki Minaj' foray into EDM-tinged pop. It was hard to find a remix that could do much within its framework. This version from TAITO takes all the best parts, brings them out, and strengthens the song with some colorful flourishes of its own.