Go Inside Major Lazer's European Tour in 'Cold Water' Video

Courtesy Photo
A scene from Major Lazer's live in Europe video for "Cold Water" featuring Justin Bieber & MØ.

One of the tried-and-true music video formats is the "live" video. They're almost always in black-and-white and very dramatic with lots of slow motion. The first half shows the artist or band traveling. There's footage depicting the pitfalls of the road but how happy the musicians are to be in this together. By the end of it, they've taken the stage in a blaze of glory, the footage is at full speed, the lights are blaring color. This is the peak of the storyline.

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Sometimes it can be boring, but it can also offer an intimate peek into the inner-workings of your favorite artists. You feel like you're part of the crew, and considering Major Lazer has a bombastic live performance, fans can't ever be mad at getting another look. The new clip for “Cold Water,” featuring MØ, falls squarely into the “hit” category -- even if Justin Bieber doesn't ever show up.

Watch for yourself below: