Selena Gomez Songs Remixed: Listen to 6 of the Best

Renata Raksha
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez may be taking a break, but her songs remain.

Selena Gomez has delivered a steady stream of power pop tunes, several of which performed well on the Billboard Hot 100. And while Selena Gomez's songs are both upbeat and danceable on their own, that hasn't prevented numerous remixes from surfacing -- ranging in various tempos and textures. 

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So while the singer has recently announced that she will be taking time off from touring, these six Selena Gomez songs remixed will make it seem as though she hasn't left. Give them a listen below. 

#1 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Hands To Myself" (Gølden)

The only thing this remix really borrows from the original is the lyrics -- everything else in terms of arrangement, production, and even the singer are all new. This ethereal version sees a male vocalist slowly sing each word while light and melancholy beats serve as the track's backbone. 

#2 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Good For You" (The Funk Hunters)

The Funk Hunters did their job well on this remix, seeing as they found the funk and heavily infused it into the original. While the pace doesn't deviate too much from the original, the thickly layered beats give the song a new feel.

#3 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Same Old Love" (Filous)

This remix takes a much more laid-back approach to the original. It feeds into the mild tempo of the original though adds tinkering techno beats to elevate the energy. 

#4 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Slow Down" (Paolo Ortelli & Luke Degree)

Considering the original is already highly energetic, it lends itself well to be reworked as an electro-pop tune. This remix sees the song expand in terms of sound and space, resulting is a voluminous version.

#5 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Hands To Myself" (Anders Young)

While the chorus of the original picks up the pace ever so slightly, this remix turns it up a notch. A catchy medley of beats are all packed in between each verse, adding some versatility and intrigue to the track. 

#6 Selena Gomez Song Remix: "Good For You" (Cherry Beach)

Unlike the other remix of this track included here, this breezy version is less dense. This version toys with the original song's backing vocals, and features a fusion of beats and unique mixing that results in a version all its own. 


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