Watch Usher Cover The Chainsmokers' 'Don't Let Me Down'

Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Usher performs t at the Allstate Sugar Bowl in the Jax Brewery Parking Lot on Dec. 30, 2015 in New Orleans.

How many times have you wanted to hear Usher say he needs you? He's been one of the smoothest sexy singers in the game longer than vocalist Daya has been alive. Imagine how stoked the 17-year-old Chainsmokers collaborator must be to hear the soulful R&B star give a breathy rendition of their own giant hit?

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Usher goes in on the track backed by a full band and female back-up singers in this clip from the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. It's full of fun vocal runs and a totally jazzy finish, even if sometimes it seems Usher is wingin' it. Which version is your favorite?