Hear the 5 Best Classic Disney Remixes

Walt Disney Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection
Elsa in the 2013 Disney film Frozen

These tracks are a treat for the youthful spirit within.

Disney movies are an integral part of many people's lives, and the music in some classics is often as important as the storyline itself.

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So while you may or may not still blast old school Disney soundtrack albums, several of the catchier songs have grown with their initial audience as they have been modernized and redelivered as dance songs. Listen to five of the best remixes below. 

"Circle of Life" (Hz Houghton Remix)

This version takes the Lion King single most identifiable element in the song -- the beginning chant -- and crafts the entire heart-pounding remix around it. The result is a fast and furious take on an originally slow song.

"The Bare Necessities" (Mees Dierdorp Remix)

Contrary to the Jungle Book song title, this remix layers a whole bunch of booming beats and takes listeners on a ride through various tempos. All the while, a subtle snake rattle underlies the track -- a nod to one of the film's many characters. 

"Tropical Dreams" (Eight One Three Mix) 

Rather than reworking an entire song, this remix works off a sample of The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea" instrumental. Based on that alone, this version is a tropical treasure filled with island-inspired beachy beats. 

"Let It Go" (Skorge Remix)

This Frozen remix keeps some of the mystical magic of the original intact, while it also takes Idina Menzel's already soaring vocals to new heights with the addition of heavy production and dense layers.

"Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" (Disney Audio Queen)

This ethereal mix doesn't hit too hard, but it hits the spot. While it's the most mellow on this list it's also the most colorful and catchy.