Hear Viceroy's Poolside Disco Remix of Boehm's 'Swallow My Pride': Exclusive

Summer is just about over, but part of the sunshine never dies with Viceroy and Boehm hanging around.

Boehm's original slow build simmers and sways with romantic tension and tones that match twilight's mysterious side. Viceroy, of course, turns the darker bits upside down and slaps the whole thing with glittery poolside vibes. The beat is bumpin' and the lyrics from Molly Moore sound a lot less insecure. It's like the original is the moment just before deciding to let it all go, and the remix is the elation that comes with resolve.

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Viceroy's take is one of two in an upcoming remix package, alongside a synthy reinterpretation from PLS&TY. Boehm is also celebrating with a Poolside mix on Dim Mak Records' Soundcloud, should you find your long weekend needs even more sunshine.