Flume's 5 Best Remixes: Listen

Cybele Malinowski


Flume is having a good year, to say the least. Following the release of 2016's standout Skin, the Australian producer has embarked on a successful tour and more recently scored his first platinum record for his hit single "Never Be Like You." 

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While it's clear Flume can produce chart-topping tracks of his own, he has also offered up plenty of remixes of other favorite tunes from artists all across the board. Here are five of his best. 

Lorde -- "Tennis Court"

Flume elevates Lorde's originally mellow track by incorporating intricately layered beats into the mix. The result is a version that ups the sass and transforms the song into a kiss-off.

Disclosure -- "You & Me"

When Flume tackled Disclosure's "You & Me" in 2013, it became a career-launching hit -- for both ends. Flume's remix of this track helped it gain widespread acclaim while simultaneously putting his own name on the map. 

Sam Smith -- "Lay Me Down" 

This remix widely departs from the pain and sorrow felt on Sam Smith's original, as the playful production highlights certain lines by repeating them on a loop as the track builds in intensity. 

Ta-Ku -- "Higher"

While this version doesn't depart too much from the original, the slight reworking of beats and toying with tempo helped Ta-Ku's track sail on more smoothly and bring it to the next level. 

Chet Faker -- "Gold" 

This track illustrates a harmonious collision, as Chet Faker's original is blended so well with the remix that it sounds as though it has always existed in this form. The electronic production pairs perfectly with the original beat of the song, allowing for the lyrics to still shine.