KSHMR and Tigerlily's 'Invisible Children' Turns Up for a Cause: Exclusive

Jasmine Safaeian


We live in tumultuous times, and while dance music can offer escape, it shouldn't abandon its ability to raise awareness. As an Indian-American DJ and producer, KSHMR takes quite seriously his position to both move bodies on a dance floor as well as move hearts and minds to action.

His latest single “Invisible Children” is anything but preachy. A collaborative work with Australian DJ and producer Tigerlily, “Invisible Children” is mostly massive banger, but the opening melodic sitar sets a somewhat melancholic scene.

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"Tigerlily first sent the idea to Tiësto, who suggested that she and I work on it together,” KSHMR says. “The project was already a great start. I added my ideas and it came together pretty quickly. The name comes from a term referring to slum kids in India and places around the world where poverty is so rampant that people begin to stop noticing."

The highly-danceable song won't bum you out by any means with it's lofty synths and twerkable rhythms, but it is meant to give you a moment's pause. With your attention, those children don't have to be so invisible anymore.