Hear Hot Since 82's Remix of Cristoph's 'Closer' for Knee Deep LP Series: Exclusive

Mitch Payne
Hot Since 82

He's bringing LP back.

Hot Since 82 is bringing the dance album back with a new LP series from the house head's label Knee Deep in Sound Records. The first installment comes from Cristoph, a man who's made it his mission to blur the lines between modern house and techno with groove-first beats without sacrificing texture and mood.

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Cristoph's album 8-track is a collection of definitive sounds, a thesis statement of the fresh producer's musical vision organized as one might build a DJ set. Opening track “Closer” grabs your attention while easing you into the adventure to come.

“For me, personally taking people on a journey is the fundamental component of underground dance music,” Cristoph says in an email release, “and that's what I set out to do when I was given this project. From the individual tracks to the continuous mix itself, my '8-track' attempts to take the listener on a trip - blending those darker, melodic sounds I have grown to love.”

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Fans can hear 8-track in full when it hits digital shelves in October. Today, Billboard Dance shares with you the official “Closer” remix from Hot Since 82.