6 Top Skrillex Songs You Didn't Know He Produced

Patrick Crowley

It's no shock to the system that Skrillex works with pop stars. The dude literally works with everyone. He might as well have a sign on his back that reads: “have laptop, will work.”

People say he's always working on something. He probably couldn't stop the music in his head if he tried. That makes for one helluva prolific career, and when people are that prolific, there are moments that slip through the cracks.

12 Top Diplo Songs You Didn't Know He Produced

You know Skrillex worked on six songs on Justin Bieber's Purpose. You know he's been in the studio with everyone from A$AP Rocky to The Game, but did you know he's got a sweet spot for K-Pop? Did you know he's worked with Outkasts' Big Boi? Here's a list of 6 Skrillex songs you may not know he'd produced and written for other artists.

Ellie Goulding – "Bittersweet"

This track is absolutely beautiful and really shows Skrillex's affinity for songs like Aphex Twin's “Flim.” Skrill must have made each note with Goulding's voice in mind. Those backward vocals sound like signature Skrill, but he's bringing hints of his musical mind in new and interesting ways.

Elliphant – "Only Getting Younger"

Skrillex can't claim ownership of Elliphant's incredible vocals, but he can say he was behind this eery piano intro.

4Minute – “Hate

K-Pop is like, seriously taking over the world. This clip has more than 28 million views on YouTube, and you'd never know it was Skrillex behind those subtle wonks and that epic breakdown, unless you were a super K-Pop fan or something.

Big Grams – "Drum Machine"

Big Grams is Outkast's Big Boi and Phantogram together in one funky psychedelic package. This single from the trio's self-titled release sounds super dark, and that's probably a lot to do with the Skrillex effect. How hip is this project, for real?

Korn – "Narcissistic Cannibal"

This is still one of the gnarliest songs ever recorded. It's twisted and hardcore. It sounds exactly like Skrillex and Kill the Noise working with Korn. It's teen angst in its purest form.

Atreyu – "You Were King Now You're Unconscious"

Skrillex took his talents back to his roots on this one in 2009. He actually did all the sound design and music on the intro to this jam. The drums are all Atreyu.