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Watch Burning Man 2016 on Festival's Live Stream

AP Photo/Ron Lewis
The Man photographed atĀ Burning ManĀ in Black Rock Desert, Nev.

Another year has gone by and here you are with no proper plan for your trip to Burning Man. Diddy's been to the Playa. That frat dude you hooked up with once three years ago has been. What's your major malfunction?

Burning Man Disputes $2.8M Bill for Federal Land Use Permit

Worry not, desert outcast. You can still witness the shining glory of La Playa, and you can do it in the comfort of your air conditioned apartment. Watch Black Rock City come together and fall apart while stuffing your face on the couch via the Fest's official live stream. Come back Sunday, Aug. 28, and stay through Sept. 5 to check it out below.