Yotto Distills 'Twin Peaks' Obsession into Brightly Brooding 'Cooper's Cup:' Exclusive

Miro Kalliola

A recipe for success: Head out to the country, consume large amounts of caffeine and David Lynch, churn out a fabulously brooding house track.

Hot off the heels of success with “The Owls,” Anjunabeats favorite Yotto hits us with the bold flavors of “Cooper's Cup.” It's not too acidic wth a foundation of dark bass, though it's the brighter notes throughout which really tingle the senses. It washes down smooth and finishes light. You're going to want another dose.

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“I made this track during a countryside hideout a few months ago and have been road-testing it ever since,” he says. “There has been a healthy amount of coffee and binge-watching Twin Peaks, so the title makes a lot of sense to me. My favourite things about it are the little spaced-out effects and the churning groove that never gets too aggressive.”

“Cooper's Cup” is out on Anjunabeats Oct. 26 and available to listen to below exclusively on Billboard Dance.