Codeko Premieres Electric Zoo 2016 Anthem 'Walking With Lions': Exclusive

Courtesy Photo


There's no better way to celebrate the uplifting communal power of music than a giant, weekend-spanning festival. You're out in the sun with friends old and new, and when the stars come out, you're front and center. You dance to favorite anthems, discover new obsessions, and hopefully, you leave with a giant smile on your face and a head full of memories you'll never forget.

That's the ideal Codeko captures in his song “Walking With Lions,” which means Electric Zoo in New York City believes it's a perfect fit for the festival's first-ever official anthem.

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“We have always wanted to produce a festival anthem that represents the theme of our festival that would resonate with our fans,” says Electric Zoo Festival Director Adam Richman. “There is no question Codeko’s 'Walking With Lions' does exactly that.”

It opens low and cool with a swinging horn line and staccato synths but quickly builds into a confetti blast of bright notes and balanced bass. Raphaela sings a story of coming together in strength and excitement, echoing the best moments of any festival. Of course, the animal theme conjures the Zoo motif rather well.

“I am honored to have been selected to create this year’s Electric Zoo anthem,” Codeko says, “and can’t wait to drop it on the mainstage”