5 Top Madeon Songs You Didn't Know He Produced

Patrick Crowley


The 22-year-old French producer known as Madeon has established himself as an artist to watch following the successful release of his 2015 debut Adventure, which reached No. 1 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums charts. Madeon's latest song "Shelter" arrived on Aug. 11, along with the announcement of an upcoming tour with Porter Robinson.

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But when the producer isn't heading out on the road or busy creating work of his own, he makes time to produce hit tracks for an array of pop stars. Here are five songs you didn't know Madeon had written for other artists.

Ellie Goulding -- "Stay Awake"

Madeon sprinkled a touch of his production magic to this track that sees Goulding's airy vocals elevated by beats that race on full-speed ahead.

Muse -- "Panic Station (Alternate Version)

While there isn't a world of difference between the original and alternate take on this track, Madeon's version does have added edge to it. He kicked up the rock production by dropping in electronic beats that serve as this version's backbone.

Lady Gaga -- "Mary Jane Holland" 

Aside from this track, Madeon also produced "Gypsy" and "Venus" — all three off Gaga's 2013 album Artpop. While the album overall draws on electronic production, these three tracks showcase Madeon's signature touch in their high-energy and intricate interlacing of various beats. 

Two Door Cinema Club -- "Changing of the Seasons" 

The catchy and lighthearted pop energy that Two Door Cinema Club often deliver is evident on this track, though Madeon took the song to the next level. With the support of his peppy production, the track is one worth blasting. 

Coldplay -- "Always In My Head"

Though this track, along with "O" — both off the band's 2014 record Ghost Stories — didn't earn Madeon a producer credit, he still contributed to the two. The tracks, which bookend the album, see the producer explore a softer and lighter side as he lays off the hard hits in exchange for more haunting and ethereal vibes.  

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