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Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' Remixes: Listen to 6 Best

William F. Campbell/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images
Tracy Chapman performs in Zimbabwe in Oct. 1988.

It's rare that the lead single off an artist's debut album will still resonate nearly three decades later — but that's the case for Tracy Chapman's hit "Fast Car." While the bluesy singer-songwriter has been fairly silent as of late, save for 2015's Greatest Hits, her music is resurfacing in the form or artfully crafted remixes — one of which even charted on the Hot 100.

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While some receive more attention than others, here are 6 of the best "Fast Car" remixes.

Jonas Blue feat. Dakota Remix

Though it peaked at No. 98, this remix made it into the Hot 100 — an impressive feat, but one rightfully deserved for this upbeat and uplifting take on an otherwise mellow track.

Soundskin Remix:

This laid-back version lengthens the original by amping up production and focusing on the vocals as a secondary element.  

Bauke Top Remix

This remix doesn't diverge too far from the original, though the playful beats and faster tempo help bring the track to a more cheerful place.

Tobtok feat. River Remix

In this complete overhaul, the original production was not only revived but the vocals were also laid down by a new singer — resulting in a tropical pop take on the song.

Steegra Remix:

Steegra manages to the rev up the originally slow song and transform it into a heart-racing dance track on this remix.

Boyce Avenue & Kina Grannis Cover, FlyBoy Remix

This celestial remix tinkers on as the two vocalists play up the emotional turmoil that is undeniably strong in the original.