Pizza Hut Made a Bluetooth-Capable Turntable Pizza Box You Can Actually DJ With

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OMCheese, you guys. Pizza Hut printed a bunch of turntable mechanics onto a cardboard pizza box, and thanks to a partnership with printed electronics company Novalia, you can actually sync it to your laptop and use it with DJ software

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Next time you order a pizza, be like, can I please have some Serato peppers on that bitch? My mix is about to be fire. Yes, this promotion is absolutely ridiculous, and yes, this promotion is absolutely real. It's a UK thing, which is kind surprising. I could totally see this blowing up Stateside among the frat community.

A limited run of the boxes will be given away at five UK Pizza Huts, to be announced via Twitter. Cross your fingers it comes to America, where the pizza trend is still somehow an unstoppable thing. (And for the record, pineapple is great on pizza. Stfu.)

Watch the turntable pizza box in action, utilized by the skilled and somewhat underwhelmed DJ Vectra, via creativity-online.