Unlike Pluto Discovers Trap Drums on 'Found You' Feat. Michelle Buzz: Exclusive

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Unlike Pluto

You've really put Unlike Pluto through the ringer, but it's finally finished.

Unlike Pluto Premieres 'Waiting For You' Feat. Joanna Jones: Exclusive

Back in March, he was “Waiting For You.” By the time May rolled around and you hadn't showed up, he started “Searching For You.” It took him three months, but today, he's finally “Found You.” What the heck was that all about, you? Good thing there was all this music to make up for your insane behavior.

Unlike Pluto Premieres 'Searching For You' Feat. Karra & Eric Zayne: Exclusive

It's the end of a long and arduous musical journey, but the trilogy has come to a harmonious resolution. Each of the three tracks in the series offer a unique palette of sounds, and “Found You” plays dark with trap-inspired drums and moody melodies. Vocals from Michelle Buzz are a haunting accompaniment. After a search like this, it's no surprise Unlike Pluto is a bit brooding when you finally appear. Oh well, all things are forgiven on the dance floor.