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Mako's Summer Party Playlist

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Los Angeles-based DJ duo Mako have been keeping parties raging since 2011 with their special brand of melodic, uplifting dance tunes. Alex Seaver and Logan Light, the boys behind the beats, were kind enough to whip up this playlist of their favorite summer tunes, and we caught up with the guys to get their scoop on the ingredients that keep their own party going strong.

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Billboard: Tell us about the playlist you put together. How do these songs and the overall vibe of the list speak to you as artists and as music fans?

Alex: This summer we spent wrapping up our debut album, so a lot of these songs directly inspired us along the way. Logan and I were huge music fans before we ever started Mako together, and our influences are about as opposite as can be. This playlist represents where we come from, what we're currently listening to, and where we'd like to go.

What was the last really great party you attended? What was it that made it special?

Logan: I don't know if "party" is the appropriate word but every year 20-40 of our guy friends unite for a trip we call "Skyloft." It's a weekend in Vegas and I'll leave out the details for the sake of all parties involved (haha). It'll be our seventh year doing it this August and I'd say it's special for the memories that stem from it. As friends disperse all over the world there is nothing like getting back together once a year for a weekend in Vegas. If you run into us in Vegas feel free come to join the party.

Tell us about the best party you ever crashed. How did you get in, who was there and what happened?

So I am a DIE-HARD Denver Broncos fan -- Super Bowl 50 Champs in case anyone forgot -- and was lucky enough to go to the Super Bowl this past year to watch them win in San Francisco. My girlfriend's roommate worked for Playboy and told us to come by the Playboy Party one of the nights before the game. We came a bit late and the bouncer wouldn't let us in because they "were closing." Well, that didn't stop her -- she sprinted past him when he looked away. Eventually I followed suit just to run into another bouncer at the next door. She snuck her way in and with another friend inside tried to talk with the bouncer to let me in. Just as the two of them were on the verge of convincing him, my friend poured his drink on the bouncer's head and I sprinted in. Was a pretty solid party.

What are the 3 most important ingredients for a top night out?

Great people has to be #1. You can be in Vegas or a dive bar and have an incredible night with the right people. Also having that person who plans everything out *cough points at Logan* makes the night go smooth. Add music + fireball shots, 3 ounces of baking soda + 2 eggs and that’s the recipe baby.

What’s your song of the summer for 2016? The one that has kept your party going all season long.

For Logan, I would bet the bank it's the new Radiohead album. This summer for me, it’s gotta be Mahler’s 2nd Symphony. I've tried putting it on at pool parties but no one else is dancing – it’s weird. I actually made my first European trip in June, caught a ton of new music in Scandinavia, and that become my soundtrack for the summer.

What’s your go-to track for when you need to turn up the heat on a party – the one that always gets the crowd going, no matter what?

It's so funny that Alex and I differ so much here. There are songs that I LOVE and he just looks at me like are my ears working and vice versa. However, I guess it depends a bit on the party. When we are playing at a club and you want to take the energy as high as possible I don't know if anything ever beats "Tremor." For me personally in the same setting, I have no idea why, but Zedd's remix of "Rude" just makes me dance in a way that my friends continue to mock me for. The one track that crosses any sort of party, vibe, generational, etc. line in my opinion is Daft Punk's "One More Time." Just a pure master work.

What do you do right before a set to make sure you are focused and ready to give the crowd the absolute best?

I bizarrely have it down to a little science. A 30-minute nap, shower up with some music playing. A large cup of coffee, and 2 vodka redbulls. I love getting to the venue and meeting fans and friends beforehand. It’s a blast to be in the same mood you're trying to set for the night. There’s nothing like that cheer of the crowd when you first step into the booth to kick start the feeling =)

You just got an invite to the best party you could possibly imagine. You have a +1 and can bring anyone with you – living, dead or fictional. Who do you bring and why?

Ugh this is tough. It is my dream in life to meet Thom Yorke, shake his hand, and just say how appreciative I am for all that he has done musically, so I may be inclined to use the invite on him. I'm not sure I really want to party with him though. I guess I would have to say Prince (R.I.P.). You could just tell he'd be the life of the party and make what was already deemed the "best party" even better. Plus, I'm a terrible dancer. I could really use his guidance in learning some moves.