Hear Armand Van Helden Get Extremely Funky on Alien-Inspired 'Wings:' Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
ArmandĀ VanĀ Helden

Ever feel like there should be more purpose to your life? Like, we couldn't be here for no reason, right? Someone must have created us. Well, house maestro Armand Van Helden has an answer: aliens.

"Wings is about ancient alien gardeners from space that created us and then abandoned us,” Helden says in a press release. “Feeling remorse, they don’t want to let us down again."

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Okay, so he's BS-ing us a little, but he is not playing around with this beat. “Wings” really does give the feeling of flying through the sky, high above the clouds, illuminated by glorious, golden sunlight. It's peppy and only slightly cheesy, but like, in the best way possible. We wish we could party with aliens this cool.

“Wings” will have official release via Spinnin' on Monday, Aug. 15, but you can listen to it below.