Give Your Friends FOMO From Bed With This Site's Fake Club Scenes for Snapchat

snapchat logo in 2016
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Face it. You're much more comfortable sitting at home, stuffing your face with snacks, lounging on the couch in a pair of stained sweats than you are twerking in tight jeans under a spinning disco ball. But you ain't never gonna post a selfie of that sad scene. You get way more likes when you post a video from the DJ booth or even just a shot of someone's clubbing shoes in a crosswalk.

Watch Disclosure's Guy Lawrence Whip Up a DJ Set in His Kitchen

Send a thank you card to the people of Late Night Snap Hacks. They just saved your social reputation. Created by famed mattress company Casper, the website generates 10 hi-def nightlife scenes at dinner parties, dance floors, and late-night drives so perfect, it'll convince your friends you're seizing the night with the best of them. They're just vague enough to be stylish, just wild enough to induce envy. No one will ever know your secret – unless they also use the app, and then good luck.