12th Planet Announces N.A. Tour, Celebrates 10 Years of SMOG: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
12th Planet

The air pollution in Los Angeles appears to be receding, but the SMOG that fills the airwaves is dank as ever.

What started as an event production company turned into the country's foundational dubstep label. A decade later, and SMOG Records is still a leader in grimy, bass-riddled sound, thanks in large part to head mister 12th Planet's divine direction. The so-called “King of American Dubstep” is set to celebrate the milestone with a full-on tour of North America, 19 dates of which have been announced with more to come.

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"I can't wait to celebrate ten years of SMOG,” says 12th Planet in an email. “It's truly an honor to be able to represent in so many different cities."

He's joined on stage by Lumberjvck, another bass beast 12th collaborated with on the track “Name Bran.” Check the flyer below for full tour details.