Porter Robinson & Madeon Announce Joint Live Tour, Release Collab 'Shelter'

Madeon and Porter Robinson
Koury Angelo

Madeon and Porter Robinson

Hold on to your hats, electro-pop lovers. Your wildest dreams just came true.

Earlier today, the internet freaked out over a leaked collaborative track from Porter Robinson and Madeon. “Shelter” is luscious. It gushes perfection. It's sweet and fun. Their styles are perfectly matched, their quality indisputable. That magical French sound mixed with such Japanophile beauty could only be exactly what fans crave, and “Shelter” does not disappoint.

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The track, now officially available on iTunes and Spotify, opens in pure Porter fashion with a whispered, chopped up, cartoonish vocal that bounces happily over a technicolor beat. The intelligible vocals are supplied courtesy Madeon himself. The track grows grander by the minute until it's exploding in what we imagine to be pink hearts and blue swirlies, like some kind of Pokemon lure rave.

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“Both Porter and I started working with people in-person when we started making our respective albums and appreciated how much more collaborative you can get,” Madeon is quoted in a press release. “Our intent was to make music that would reflect our friendship.”

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It's the stuff of superfan dreams, but it doesn't stop there. Robinson and Madeon are officially hitting the road on a joint headlining tour, not in the sense that one will perform followed by the other. That would be boring and unimaginative. Instead, the musical pals will perform simultaneously, treating audiences to a 100 percent live reinterpretation of both artists' catalogs that will most likely be so effing mind-blowing that you will totally cry.

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“I see enthusiasm and inspiration as the most important currency you can have when you’re making music,” Porter is quoted in the release. “It’s this weird sensation of being drunk on your own confidence and excitement that leads to so many creative breakthroughs. That effect was really exaggerated when we were working together.”

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So far, 17 dates have been announced with more to come. Tour tickets go on presale August 15. Check the flyer below for official dates and details.

Can't wait to see Madeon? Good thing he's playing our Hot 100 Festival later this month (Aug. 20-21) at Jones Beach, New York. Get tickets here.

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