Electronic Duo Holiday Mountain Find Inspiration in Shia LaBeouf for Sophomore Album 'SHIA': Exclusive Premiere

Kat Alyst
Holiday Mountain

Electronic duo Holiday Mountain took inspiration from actor Shia LaBeouf’s fearless, “be yourself” attitude for their sophomore album SHIA, which is premiering exclusively on Billboard before its official release Friday.

The duo -- comprised of songwriter and keyboardist Laura Patiño and drummer and producer Zander Kagle, who met in college -- takes influence from hip-hop, reggae and cumbia.

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“Recording SHIA was a crazy amount of fun from start to finish. Our intention was to make something that symbolized the end of compromise and the end of fearing what others will think or do when you become exactly who you want to be,” the band told Billboard. “SHIA is about self-realization with a f@*k everything else attitude. For me, Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech is the perfect example of this 'just do it!' feeling. I grew up watching him in Even Stevens on Disney basically every afternoon, so he's been in my life in some way for quite a while. I never would have assumed he'd take such an artistic path and I think it's really inspiring and unique so we named the album after him.”

The album clearly takes on hip-hop influences with tracks like “Bump That Bass” -- a Holiday Mountain favorite -- “Close 2 U” and “Ne1.” The duo created a reggae-electronic fusion with “More” and “Fantasy,” and collaborated with Mexican Institute of Sound to create the Latin electronic track “Cómo Te Llamas.”

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“We recorded the album at Austin Signal every day for a month. It was a special moment in time that involved a lot of writing, as well as watching weird YouTube videos, trying to skateboard while listening to Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen', hot summer days and nights filled with phat beats, and champagne and delivery Thai food. I hope this same liberating feeling will be passed on to each listener.”

SHIA goes beyond the typical electronic album, by combining different genres into one cohesive sound.

Listen to exclusive premiere of SHIA below, and find the album for purchase on Friday.