Martin Garrix's Underrated Songs: Listen to 5 Best Deep Cuts

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Martin Garrix

As far as 20-year-olds go, Martin Garrix has got to be one of the most successful in the world. The Dutch DJ has not only played most major festivals, he's returned to headline them. He's worked with everyone from Tiesto to Afrojack, and he just signed an exclusive, no doubt grossly lucrative deal with Sony Music International.

Martin Garrix Signs Worldwide Contract With Sony Music International

It's hard to call any Martin Garrix song “underrated.” They've all clocked more hits on YouTube and Soundcloud than Ronda Rousey. Still, some of the prolific producer's works never charted in the United States. Crazy, right? Let's take a moment to explore those lesser-loved bangers below.

Turn Up The Speakers

This kind of massive, in-your-face filter funk is what happens when two Dutch lords come together in a big way. It's crazy to think this collab with Afrojack never ranked, because as soon as the hook hits, we are instantly transported to every festival min stage set we ever saw in 2014. It was definitely everywhere that summer.

Virus (How About Now)

“Virus” goes hard, but there's something so devilishly smooth about those synths anyway. It's punchy and sweet at the same time. Shout out Garrix' fellow Dutchman MOTi on the assist.

Forbidden Voices

Here we see Garrix take a turn for the sensitive. This feel-good festival anthem is still high-energy, but it's way more cute than anything the youngster had put out before. He's since done a lot more exploring of the softer sounds, and we see this luscious little sound nugget as the moment it all began.

The Only Way is Up

This must have been a real high moment in Garrix career. He was originally inspired to make electronic music after watching Tiesto perform at the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004.

Break Through the Silence

Featuring Matisse & Sadko, “Break Through The Silence” is pretty classic Garrix vibes. It's big room, it's got strong vocals, it's clean and full of dynamics. It's specifically designed to get tens of thousands of people on their feet and jumping. That's one thing a Garrix fan can always count on.

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