Go Behind the Scenes of Flume's European Tour With Video Diary

Cybele Malinowski

Ever wonder what it's like to be Flume? The Australian producer's fame continues to heighten in the wake of his latest LP Skin. He's touring the world right now with the most ambitious visual production of his career, playing to even bigger crowds at bigger festivals and larger venues than he's ever seen.

Flume's 'Skin' Scores Best Sales Week of 2016 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums

But he's not letting it change him. He still finds time to play foosball and ping pong with his road mates. He still wanders rainy festival grounds in a hoodie like everyone else. He just also gets on stage and blasts thousands of adoring fans with inter-dimensional funk vibes. Oh, and when he plays foosball, he's in the middle of some beautiful, historic European square, but you do that, too, right?

Catch a glimpse of that life in his video "Flume: Adventures (Europe 2016)." There's not a lot of plot or dialogue, but when you're making your way to international superstardom, what is there left to say?