Ferry Corsten's Summer Party Playlist

Ferry Corsten (Svedka Party Playlist)

If anyone knows how to piece together an uplifting, party-starting playlist, it's Dutch producer/DJ Ferry Corsten. For more than two decades, the trance kingpin has crafted glorious, hand-raising tunes that transform average club nights into religious experiences and his recently release banger "Neba" (released under his revered Gouryella pseudonym) is an instant anthem that proves he's still at the top of his game.

In line with the rapturous energy and majestic melodies fans have come to expect in his marathon DJ sets, the 15 tracks Corsten chose for our inaugural Summer Party Playlist are designed to keep your personal party going all night long. Check out Corsten's picks and read below to hear how the man himself keeps his own party going strong.

Summer Party Central

Billboard: Tell us about the playlist you put together. How do these songs and the overall vibe of the list speak to you as an artist and as a music fan?

Corsten: Well, I've decided to make it a very Summer-infested playlist with some of my own music that I've played at many different Summer shows and instantly take me back, but also some of my personal favorites that I love to chill or hang out with when I'm rocking my hammock in the sun.

What was the last really great party you attended? What made it special?

Oh there are to many to list (haha). But if I have to pick one in particular, it would be my Gouryella show at EDC Las Vegas. The vibe in the crowd was really special, you could really feel the love and harmony amongst everyone and the sense of euphoria was amazing.

Tell us about the best non-club party you ever played.

Oh I have to go back in time a bit here.  In 1999, after I did the “Barber’s Adagio For Strings” remix for William Orbit, he invited me to play at a private party in London. It actually was a special party (for about 200 people) to celebrate the release of Madonna’s Ray of Light album, which William produced. A few days after the party I got a phone call from William and he thanked me for coming over. He told me that next time, he would introduce me to Madonna. So I said “Was she there as well then?” He asked me if I was serious, so I told him that I did not see her. But apparently we were sitting at the same table, together with her and Guy Ritchie.

Now I can hear you people think, how did you not notice Madonna?! Well… it was a really dark, small place, so I couldn’t see that much. Especially since I just left the DJ booth and had spotlights on my face the entire time. So when I was done with my set and when I sat down, I could not really see the faces of the people. A week after a picture appeared in the Daily Telegraph, so you can see us all sitting together.

What’s your song of the summer for 2016? The one that has kept your party going all season long.

I guess it would be Neba, the new Gouryella single. Every time I end my Gouryella sets with that one, the emotion the crowd gives me is just... woah. Instant goose bumps.

What’s your go-to track for when you need to turn up the heat on a party – the one that always gets the crowd going, no matter what?

One of my latest singles “Reborn” always gets them going, or “Anahera” / “Neba” from Gouryella. Instant hands in the air.

What do you do right before a set to make sure you are focused and ready to give the crowd the absolute best?

To be honest, I don't really have a routine. I just try to hang out with good company right before the show, get me in the party mood and get me at ease. Lots of laughs are usually accompanied by that.

You just got an invite to the best party you could possibly imagine. You have a +1 and can bring anyone with you -- living, dead or fictional. Who do you bring and why?

My wife. She knows how to party (haha).