Tomorrowland Is Not Expanding to 2 Weekends in 2017

Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium

Audience members on the last day of Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium.

The rumor mill has been churning with the juicy tip that Tomorrowland was in talks with Belgian authorities in hopes that it might expand to two weekends in 2017. Tickets have been selling like hot cakes, and of course, the festival had done it before in 2014 for its 10-year anniversary. Unfortunately for hopeful ravers, though, Tomorrowland representatives tell Billboard Dance that the rumors are just that.

Tomorrowland 2016 Sells Out in 40 Minutes -- Without an Announced Roster

“There are no plans for a two weekend festival in 2017,” the rep says in an email interview. “The TV report of ATV (regional TV) was based on an older article in Gazet Van Antwerpen about the huge demand of tickets, coming from the neighbours. As the tickets sell out so quickly, lots of people (neighbours, Belgians, but also people from abroad) were a little bit disappointed and they mentioned the situation in 2014 (as we had a double weekend because of the 10th anniversary) that they had more chance to obtain tickets and they were suggesting a double weekend. The tickets for this year were sold in record time, also for the neighbours. We could count 6 x (sic) more requests for the local / neighbour tickets than the available tickets… so lots of disappointment…”

So it's another lost in translation moment for the beloved festival that recently shot down Asia expansion rumors. Still, the Tomorrowland faithful shouldn't give up hope that exciting new things could be just around the corner.

“We keep all options open for next year, but we are no so focused on Tomorrowland 2016, that we do not have concrete plans for 2017 yet,” the rep continues. “In August, we will get together with the two villages (Boom & Rumst) and the province of Antwerp to discuss the possibilities, but nothing is already discussed or approved.”